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   Technology at Rainier School District

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Email the help desk

Please include the following information in your support request:
  1. Your name
  2. Your specific location/availability
  3. Describe the issue/problem
  4. Any attempts made to address the problem
Someone from the Tech department will be assigned your ticket and will be in contact as soon as possible.
*Please email the help desk not specific people. We track the tickets as a way to notate potential
future equipment failure and replacement needs.  

Poor Internet Connection?

Try the Following:
  • Move closer to your wifi router
  • Directly plug into your internet with a cable, if possible (School issued chromebooks do not have an ethernet port and need to run on wifi)
  • Turn off any other devices that may be connected to wifi
  • Turn OFF your video in a virtual meeting
  • Use Google Chrome as your internet browser
  • If it might be your device (like an old laptop), pick up a Chromebook from your school's office

If you are still experiencing poor internet performance contact  

Please let us know the name of your internet service provider.

For Staff: 

If you require equipment such as a projector, microphone, speakers, laptop or screen please fill out our Audio/Visual Request form to insure the equipment is available and set up accordingly.