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CTE- Career and Technical Education


Agriculture, Business, Family and Consumer Science, Industrial Technology and Robotics at RHS

At Rainier High School we believe all students should have the opportunity to learn job skills.  We have four CTE (or formerly Vocational) programs.  They are listed below.  Our CTE Department is essential to well-rounded student development.  We provide "hands-on" classroom opportunities for students throughout their school day.  Several of our CTE courses are articulated with local colleges called Tech Prep, so that students receive college credit for the time they spend in class if they earn a B or better.  See Tech Prep below. If you have questions or concerns regarding CTE or its programs please contact Director Sandy Rossmaier.
*Tech Prep is currently under construction at the funding/federal/state level and we hope to continue to offer it at RHS. 

Agriculture Department

Managed by vocationally certified Angie Karnes.  Her classes include:  Horticulture, Environmental Science, Floral, Biotechnology, Landscape and  Agricultural Business Leadership.  Mrs. Karnes and her program also offer students the opportunity to take part in the Floral Shop and/or FFA student organization.  For more info please see Mrs. Karnes.

Business Education Department 

Managed by vocationally certified Sandy Rossmaier.  Her classes include:  Intro to Business, Accounting, Electronic Math Applications, Office User Specialist, Leadership, Business English, Microcomputer Applications and Entrepreneurship (concessions operation) and Work Study.  Mrs. Rossmaier and her program offer students the opportunity to take part in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) student organization. If enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Class will help with the management and operation of the athletic event concessions.  If enrolled in Leadership those students will help with the ASB and RHS student activities. Mrs. Rossmaier also serves as the CTE Director, Tech Prep Director and High School Activities Coordinator for Rainier School District.  For more info please see Mrs. Rossmaier.

Family and Consumer Science Education

Managed by vocationally certified Michele Baker.  Her classes include:  Health and Fitness, Food and Nutrition, Careers in Education and Food Science. Mrs. Baker also encourages participation in our Interact Club, helping our community and the Rotary Club of Lacey where we can.  For more info please see Mrs. Baker.

Industrial Technology Department

Managed by vocationally certified John Lybecker.  His classes include:  Beginning and Advanced Woods, Intro and Advanced Metals and Applied Algebra.  Mr. Lybecker also encourages his students to become involved in Skills USA, a student activity organization. For more info please see Mr. Lybecker.


Managed by vocationally certified Adam Cornwall.  His classes include: Middle School Robotics and High School Robotics.  Mr. Cornwall encourages participation in Technology Student Association(TSA), a student activity organization.  For more info please see Mr. Cornwall