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Accounts and Deposits

How Do I Make a Deposit?
You may pay online from our district website, just follow the online payment link.
To make a deposit, send a check payable to your child’s school location. Note on check memo your student’s name and account number. Checks are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED and serve as your receipt.
When making a deposit or purchase, no cash back is provided. All monies received are deposited to a student account, so please send only the amount you want deposited. Checks are accepted in the lunch line or in the morning before lunch.

How to Check Account Balances
There is an auto-email that sends a generic email about a low balance.

At the Elementary Schools: Payment reminders are sent home on Tuesday and Thursday.

At the Secondary Schools: Cashiers remind students in the line when balances are low, but ultimately students are responsible for checking their account balances. Students may check their balance at any selling period.

Can a Parent Check Account Balances?
YES, it is the student’s and/or families responsibility to maintain a positive account balance. A strict policy of limiting negative balances is followed in all schools. To check a child’s balance you may utilitize “Family Access” on the school district website.

What Happens When a Child is Short Money?
We do allow a grace period. If the student has charged 5 meals a phone call home is made to remind parents the students account is negative.